Thursday, July 10, 2014

The Rainy Season

Summer is here...which in Mexico means The Rainy Season.  Sometimes, like on this occasion, we really enjoy the big rainstorms.  Who doesn't love a good puddle?!  And we love to watch the lightning.  But let me tell you, after a whole month of this every single day, its starting to get a little old.  And I'm freezing!  There are no heaters (or ac units) in any apartments/houses in Mexico.  With no sun to heat our apartment, its pretty cold around here.  No wonder everyone in Mexico leaves for the summer.  
Only 5 more days for me and I'm off to 3 digit weather!  And yes, that sounds fantastic to me!



Claire's 2nd Birthday

Our Claire-bear is 2.  She is feisty, sweet, & talkative.  She loves Frozen, her baby doll, and her brothers.  She loves to eat avocados, hummus, yogurt, string cheese, and chicken nuggets.
My favorite words she says are "blueberries", "okay", "watch this".
We can't imagine life without her.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Kids Photoshoot

Sometimes I get bored and decide its time for a photoshoot.  So these are just for fun.  But I guess they could count as Claire's 2 year pictures since she does turn 2 next month.

My little doggy. 

The boys are always coming up with their own poses and asking "Mom, is this a good one?"  
This was Coop's.

There's that tongue again.